the origami project

The Origami Project is a valuable entrepreneurial resource at Yale.  This hub for startups provides support for new ideas and innovations.

Yale SOM Startups

Another organization supporting entrepreneurial projects is the Yale SOM Startups club.  The group works to inform and empower students seeking creative business and societal solutions. 


The Yale Office of Career Strategy provides useful services for graduate students interested in pursuing careers in business, including alumni networking events, and other business-related workshops.  Look for collaborative events between YBS and OCS starting Fall 2017.


The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute aids innovators at the university in getting new ventures off the ground.

Yale Insights

Yale Insights is an online journal published by the Yale School of Management.  It keeps you up to speed on the state of economy and on innovation within the Yale community.


YEI’s online magazine provides information on Tech, Education, Finance and everything startup-related.